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WebCartoons Studio are the creators behind the Crypto Toons and an illustration & animation studio based in The Netherlands. Next to our Crypto Toons project we create entertooning cartoon designs in return for crypto currencies. We accept: Gulden, Reddcoin, Steem (and Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether)
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Crypto Cartoons - To The Moon!!! 🚀



Inspired by the Crypto Currencies we created the #CryptoCows


Inspired by Bitcoin we created the #BitBulls


Inspired by the term HODL we created the #HodlHippos


Inspired by Litecoin we created the #LiteLlamas


Inspired by Ether we created the #EtherElephants


Inspired by Gulden we created the #GuldenGorillas.


Crypto Toons - Entertoonment on the blockchain. Collect your favorite toons and buy and trade unique cartoons. This is a blockchain game made together with MindHouse

You can collect toons like the CryptoCows, BitBulls, HodlHippos, EtherElephants, LiteLlamas, GuldenGorillas, dAppDonkeys and more.

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WebCartoons Studio is a Crypto Cartoons Company and this means we create cartoon designs for costumers in reward for crypto currency. Do you need a cartoon illustration for your project, company or just for someone his birthday? Contact us for more information.

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‘Often you see people getting fully happy when they captured something they didn’t see like it before. That doesn’t mean only new places but also how you capture things around you can give you a whole new perspective. For example use a Macro lens and you experience a whole new world just around you. You experience something new or in a different way and will see like a child again.’

We are proud about the community we've created around Leon and we'll continue to invest significant resources in its development.

When you download Leon you also get access to our extensive knowledge base containing updated written articles and easy to follow video tutorials.


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